Statistic Control System

Online Process Data Acquisition (SPC -Statistic Process Control)


  • Continuous monitoring, visualization and reporting of the process data required for product quality during the production process.

Benefit: Early recognition of trends and (corrective) intervention before defects occur. This ensures that only flawless products leave the factory.

  • In the event of defects or limit violations of the test and operating data, SoftDLC sets off different kinds of alarm (email, SMS, …)

Benefit: The sooner violations are recognized and corrected the fewer defects occur. This means: consistent quality at lower production cost.

  • SoftDLC provides basic data for weak point analysis

Benefit: Continuous process improvement

  • Customizing of user interface and driver configuration to individual requirements.
  • Connection to existing test equipment.

Benefit: High flexibility and custom-tailored solutions

  • Help and work instructions configurable by the user

Benefit: Clear and user-friendly handling

In connection to QDM

  • Administration of setting data (machine setting data)
  • Central storage of measured, operating and administrative data.
  • Process data can be displayed on other computers within the network or via long-distance data transmission

Benefit: Immediate availability of data within the network.


SoftDLC in the production area

The SoftDLC driver integrates test and operating data of the production line and passes them via network to the visualization of SoftDLC. The operator on line can witness the course and the current data by means of the visualization. In the event of irregularities occurring with machine data or test values, he can intervene instantly to avoid start-up losses.

In combination with QDM recipe data (e.g. limit values) and other information can be queried automatically and displayed in the visualization. In case of definite events like coil end, shift or staff changes, SoftDLC passes the test and operating data to QDM. 
QDM prints automatically labels and accompanying documents with the required information.

The storage of test and operating data is length-related. Therefore a defect (e.g. knot, spark defect) has to be located exactly in the cable. It is possible for instance, to prevent the scrapping of the entire cable by splitting it and thus reducing out-of-spec material.
Even modern cable manufacturing plants are still quality islands. The transfer of data into CIQ 3.0 ensures a connection with other production and measured data of the production line as well as of intermediate and final inspections. This option enables superordinate evaluations.

SoftDLC is able to retrieve data directly from modern plants, whereas old plants can be equipped with a visualization.

Remote monitoring from the office and from outside

Remote monitoring (office visualization) enables each CIQ 3.0 workstation to access and display the data of all system drivers. Even outside of the local network (e. g. from the home office) a monitoring can be effected by means of remote data transmission.

Subsequent display of SoftDLC data in a cable

Provided that test and operating data have been stored in QDM, a graphical representation can be effected subsequently illustrating the manufacturing process of a coil. For better legibility a part of the graphic may be extremely maximized by means of the pointer-editor.

Documenting and Evaluating in the office area

The functions of QDM (link QDM Documenting) effect documenting and evaluating processes. On the basis of the data captured by SoftDLC reports and labels can be easily generated and used for:
  • Generation of quality cards
  • Graphical representation of shift or coil logs
  • Labels for manufactured coils
  • Graphical HF and LF evaluations
  • Daily and weekly reports
  • Product manufacturing cards
  • Individual cable overviews
  • User definable evaluations in graphic or tabular form
The results may be printed, stored as PDF files, or sent as emails. It is also possible to create data files for Office products such as Microsoft Excel.


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