What CIQ 3.0 makes possible

Networking “quality islands”

  • Optimal exploitation of materials, while reaching, securing and documenting a superior quality level and keeping costs under control.
  • Maximum benefit by effective networking of “quality islands”.
  • Networking of all measuring and test devices into one common system and central storage of all acquired data in a central database. This enables all involved in the production process to have direct access to the process and testing data – in quasi real-time.

Solution for optimal control of production, total quality documentation, reduced effort for planning and testing.

Linking process and testing data

  • CIQ 3.0 has been specifically designed for the cable industry and is familiar with its characteristics: length-associated measurement value acquisition; the most commonly used measurement and testing instruments; as well as the applicable standards and test specifications.
  • CIQ 3.0 establishes a link between the worlds of process and testing data as it captures online the data from all steps of the production chain, i.e. from the receipt of raw materials via input materials and the semi-finished stages through to the shipment of the finished products.
  • Via data exchange with supply chain monitoring systems (ERP) such as SAP it is integrated into all processes taking place in the works.

This is the prerequisite for efficient use of the input materials and for high quality.

Reducing costs

  • CIQ 3.0 cuts testing and evaluation efforts and provides the basis for efficient production processes.
  • Existing hardware is used and interfaces for most of the measuring instruments commonly used in the cable industry exist already.
In this way CIQ 3.0 saves material costs and reduces out-of-spec material. What is more, the investment budget is spared.

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