CIQ 3.0 - The Open System

CIQ 3.0 is a “open system” containing various open interfaces for data exchange.
Due to its wide range of different interfaces, CIQ 3.0 can be easily integrated into existing EDP structures. Its multiple interfaces include:
  • Measuring and inspection systems
    For connecting measuring and inspection systems the usual interfaces are available.

  • Other EDP systems
    At any manufacturing or testing stage, data can be exchanged with other EDP systems. These include e.g. material data and design values (tolerances). Vice versa, it is possible to send out feedback data, for example data about the production status of intermediate and final products or material consumption data.

  • Creation of outputs in different file formats
    Multiple reporting features enable the generation of e.g. reports and evaluations in different file formats for further processing by other programs.

  • Integration of existing documents and files
    Existing documents (work instructions, standards, drawings) can be integrated into and displayed by the system.

  • Import from and export to SQL databases
    (Just as from other EDP systems) CIQ can retrieve data from (“Select” via ADO or ODBC) and send feedback data to (“Insert”, “Update”) various databases

  • Communication via VPN / Internet and Intranet
    For example, alarm messages can be realized via e-mails. If Internet/VPN or RAS connections are available, all evaluation features of the CIQ and the remote monitoring of manufacturing lines by the SoftDLC are accessible from outside.
For data transmission, QDM features flexible import and export functions. The user himself can define which data are exported or imported and in which form.
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