Typ Validation and Labo Specific Test

The additional module TYPLAB is specially designed for laboratory tests and their administration. They fulfil the requirements of documentation depth, traceability and data protection. TYPLAP provides for the planning, performance, evaluation and documentation of laboratory tests. On the basis of TYPLAP data automated settlements for implemented laboratory tests can be effected.

The advantage of TYPLAB compared with standard test orders is that it combines various test orders into one superordinate test order. In the regular production process tests are forced to be performed in sequential order. If TYPLAB is applied in the final inspection, the tests can be performed in any sequence and simultaneously.

Within the TYPLAB system all test orders and their respective partial orders can be checked and their current production status can be supervised at any time. Deadline lists, status lists, all sorts of reports, certificates and evaluations are also available.

TYPLAB is based on the modular system and the data pool of CIQ 3.0. Advantage: For this reason TYPLAB has access to the CIQ 3.0 data pool. Vice versa, the TYPLAB data pool is also available for CIQ 3.0. Thus, all features of the CIQ 3.0 systems can be used additionally to the evaluations and reports provided by TYPLAP.
TYPLAP can be configured to the user’s individual needs.
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