Defect Recording and Evaluating System

DRES (FEBS) is an additional module designed for convenient recording and evaluating of defects that are detected during and after the production process. 

DRES records defects systematically and analyses potential defect causes, defect types, defect consequences and the adopted measures and proposed solutions. Thus, as soon as a defect cause has been recognized, selective measures on how to avoid or correct defects are given immediately. 

DRES facilitates the record and evaluation of every defect and to block the product. Measures and proposed solutions are captured. After correction of the defect the product can be released for processing. 

DRES can be integrated into the normal test procedure including complete traceability with blocking and releasing of faulty products. It can also be used as a separate module instead of the “defect cards” still utilized in many cable manufacturing plants. 

DRES is based on the CIQ 3.0 modular system and its data pool. Advantage: DRES has access to the CIQ 3.0 data pool, particularly to measuring and machine data. Vice versa, the DRES data pool is available for CIQ 3.0. Therefore additionally to the evaluations and reports provided by DRES all features of QDM can be used.
The screen masks and the reports can be configured accordingly to individual requirements.
A screen mask conforming to the prioritised criteria for the evaluation is also available.
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