Specific Applications

Complementary to the standard CIQ 3.0 we offer solutions for specific applications. All of them are based on the modular system of CIQ 3.0 family. It goes without saying that CIQ 3.0 updates have no negative effects on specific applications.

Defect recording and evaluating

DRES supports you to recognize defects and defect causes at an early stage and shows you how to avoid or correct defects. DRES captures defects systematically during the production process in order to analyze potential defect causes, defect types, defect consequences, adopted measures and proposed solutions.

(more information about application DRES - Defect recording and evaluating system)

Concept supporting the establishment of a comprehensive quality concept using CIQ and ERP.

The concept QSmap makes it possible to perform several independent and timely staggered tests and to correct the defects on one product per process step particularly during the final inspection.

(more information about application QSmap – Quality System map)

Laboratory testing under control

The additional module TYPLAB provides for the performance and administration of laboratory tests. Direct access to the actual state of laboratory tests by each CIQ 3.0 workstation connected to a data server reduces the paperflow. 

(more information to application TYPLAB - Typ validation and Labo specific test)

Automatic long-term testing

MEC enables timely steered automatic testing which is particularly required for long-term testing such as bending tests.

(more information about the application MEC – Mechanical Cycling Test)

Monitoring of slowly reacting equipment

The Distributed Monitoring System serves for the acquisition, display and storage of measured values of equipment in different places, such as heating cabinets.

(more information about application DMS – Distributed monitoring system)

Operating Data Acquisition/Machines

SoftDLC captures operating and production data of different systems and passes them to QDM. The QSview-module evaluates these data combined with the order data contained in the CIQ 3.0 data pool. All data are displayed and available for additional analyses in the central table of QSview.

(more information about the application QSview – Quality System overview)

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