QDM - The Quality Data Modul

Test Plan Creation

Test specifications and the deriving test orders are the basis for specific and detailed tests, reports, and further evaluation steps. Standard test plans are available for usual testing procedures.

Extensible master data for processes, components, combinations and characteristics are available for test plan creation or modification. All parameters, limit values, formulas, master data, reports, quality charts etc. may be defined and altered by the user himself. Work instructions and drawings may be inserted for the operating personnel on the production line.

Likewise, labels and reports pertaining to a test plan may be entered. Their output can be obtained – if necessary – automatically, either subsequent to an intermediate step, or after test completion.

Work and maintenance efforts can be reduced by using basic and product family test plans and through data transfer from ERP and cable construction systems.

Job-specific data may be entered during test order creation and processing. This includes, but is not limited to, special report formats, selection filters, layouts, and additional order data (variant data). The latter can also use data transmitted from another database or system.
When several similar production machines are used in one process step, test parameters and limit values can be individually specified for each machine.


When working on the test order, all relevant data such as the test order number, sampling ID number, number of values or limits, are continually displayed on screen masks. This also applies to masks that require keyboard entry – e.g. coil number or color. The user on the production line is also assisted by work instructions and drawings.
All data processing is done by the computers in the local network without requiring any external (expensive) computing time.



QDM offers various report options such as:
  • Test certificates for the customer
  • Creating (control) quality charts
  • Graphical representation of shift logs
  • Graphical HF/LF evaluations
  • Daily and weekly reports
  • Product manufacturing cards
  • Individual cable overviews
  • User definable evaluations in graphic and tabular form.
The results may be printed, stored as PDF files, or sent as emails. It is also possible to create data files for Office products such as Microsoft Excel.



All data are available for evaluation at any time. Thus, all test data of a cable can be collectively evaluated and printed.

  This includes process data (from the SoftDLC module), measured values from LF/HF measurements, mechanical and electrical values, as well as administrative information on semi-finished and finished products. 
Some examples of how to perform evaluations are:
  • Sample list sorted by test order and production step
  • Search with pre-defined filters or filters defined by the user (e.g. searching for the last 20 samples by cable number, date, certain characteristics)
  • Free search through the data pool with user-specific search criteria
  • Sample list configured specifically for or by the user

Filters and search criteria normally generate sample lists which facilitate multiple further actions. Examples are:
  • Display and process measured values
  • Print reports and labels
  • Generate quality charts (statistics)
  • Export data to other EDP systems

100% backward and forward traceability is feasible with appropriate filters. A defect in material, for example, can be traced to the relevant shipment. Vice versa, it is possible to determine other products that have been affected by the same material.


QDM includes functionalities for saving data no longer needed in the current production process. (QDM includes functionalities for long-term storage of data) Data, test plans and test orders can be archived within the system or on external storage media, such as CDs. 

Data stored with older versions of QDM can of course also be retrieved and evaluated by later versions. Some minor converting might be necessary. Renewed data analyses in the event of complaints or as part of a product development process are possible at any time without much effort.
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