OptiTest - Measuring Program


OptiTest is a standalone version of the QDM with the additional module Merlin for LF and HF measuring specifically for (the comfortable measuring software) AESA and M.E.A. measuring devices. It facilitates the tasks itemized below
  • Creation and Administration of Test Specifications
  • Performance of Tests
  • Report generation after testing
  • Basic statistic evaluation
  • Archiving of data
The core features of CIQ 3.0 comprise among others data evaluations as well as the connection of testing equipment and archiving functions. The features described below are components of the additional module Merlin, which is also available for QDM.


Test Plan Creation

A wide range of measurement modes are available, such as HF Sweep, HF Sweep(Alien), HF Coax-50, HF Coax-75, HF fixed frequency, LF single cores, LF pairs, LF triples, LF quads, LCL, LCTL, TCL, TCTL, TI, AS, worst-case summaries for HF-Sweep / LF / HF discrete frequency, inductance and conductance.
Report generation is very easy. If set at default, a highly comprehensive report is generated, containing a limit case compilation with graphics and for each measuring block a separate summary with related graphics. It goes without saying that dedicated features for customized reports are also available.

Documenting and Evaluating

Documenting and Evaluating are effected by the same functions as described in QDM. (QDM Documenting and Evaluating)
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