CIQ 3.0 Products

CIQ offers various solutions for the automation of high-class processes in the cable and conductor industry.

Area Explanation
QDM The QDM module forms the centerpiece of the quality management solution. It contains the essential functions of test planning, data acquisition and analysis, as well as archiving. It also provides a variety of tools and interfaces with other systems.
CIQ 3.0 accompanies (concurrently monitors) all manufacturing related processes such as machine setting data, process data acquisition, quality data acquisition, defect management, repairs, and management of testing equipment.
OptiTest OptiTest is the comfortable measuring software for AESA and M.E.A. measuring devices.
A wide range of measurement modes (e.g. HF/LF/HV) and evaluations is available. Report generation is very easy.
SoftDLC The SoftDLC module specializes in continuous, concurrent manufacturing process control by means of measured data acquisition (SPC-Statistical Process Control) and visualization.
It controls and records the process data of all existing measuring devices over the entire product length and visualizes the data in a common user interface custom-tailored to individual needs. Additional visualizations on all PCs across the network are possible.

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