CIQ 3.0 in the field

Many of the machines used today in the cable manufacturing are fitted with measurement equipment and a wide range of inspection technology is available in the factories. Nevertheless maximum benefit is only achievable if these “quality islands” are effectively networked.
CIQ 3.0 networks all measuring and testing systems into one common system and stores the acquired data in a central data base. In this way all involved in the manufacturing process have common access to process and testing data.
CIQ 3.0 enables them to monitor and record all stages of production from intermediate to final testing, including inspection of incoming goods and delivery. The networking of existing systems enables them to recognize and correct any occurring defects immediately. By providing the basic data for weak point detection the prerequisites for continued process improvement are met.
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Remote monitoring of the online capturing of process data (SPC) with QDM and SoftDLC.
Electrical and mechanical tests during the intermediate and final inspection as well as in goods receipt with QDM

LF and HF testing with OptiTest

Solutions for specific applications and laboratory tests. The systems listed below are at disposal: Electronic and mechanical testing with CIQ 3.0 and OptiTest as well as specific applications such as laboratory test system (TYPLAP), mechanical mycling test system (MEC) and monitoring of heating cabinets (DMS).
Online capturing of process data (SPC) and visualization of measured values with SoftDLC.

Electrical and mechanical type of operator self-check with QDM.

Operation scheduling and test plan creation with QDM

Evaluations, documentations and archiving with QDM
Solutions for special tasks such as defect recording and evaluation (DRES), operating data acquisition

Creation of customer-specific certificates with QDM

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